Parents: Young people aren’t saving money. Even worse, many are in no position to start, saddled with college debt or underemployed.

    Fortunately, there is a road map for becoming financially literate, empowering a new generation on their journey to financial freedom. Get started here!

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    About The Book

    Your Sherpa - Your Parental Guide to Financial Literacy

    Your Sherpa guides students and young adults as they navigate key financial decisions in their lives.  With this book for parents, and audio lessons and online resources for students, the ultimate goal is to teach young adults the mindset and skills to make daily decisions to save and build wealth; starting early and compounding for decades.


    Initial lessons ensure young adults are in the position to save by avoiding excessive college debt and being able to get and hold a good job.


    We offer a refreshingly frank conversation about the challenges people face to save money, and how it is our individual responsibility, starting at a surprisingly young age, to overcome these headwinds.

    This Book is For You If...

    You answer "yes" to any question.


    Would you like help teaching your children to be financially literate?


    Are you worried that funding your children’s college education will delay, or ruin, your retirement dreams?


    Are you concerned that many peers are choosing schools they can't afford and careers they are not passionate about or lacking the earning power needed to pay off college debt?

    Employer & HR Depts.

    Do you agree that an employee who achieves their family’s financial goals is a more stable and productive contributor?

    Parenting Coaches, Financial & College Consultants

    Would you benefit from offering another touch point with your clients?


    Could you extend your brand using an off-the-shelf educational framework for your client’s whole family?

    Teachers, Counselors & Administrators

    Are you struggling with the lack of, or quality of, financial literacy taught at your school? 


    Are you worried students are making emotional decisions when they choose a college?

    New Hires & Young Adults

    Are you making ‘real money’ for the first time in your life but living paycheck to paycheck?

    Overview of Contents

    A Word from the Author & Introduction

    Part I - You Can't Begin to Save if You Have Too Much Student Debt

    Part II - You Can't Save if You Can't Get and Hold a Good Job

    Part III - Making Daily Decisions to Save and Build Wealth​

    5 Ways This Book Can Help You & Your Kids

    #1. Understanding why you NEED to save…

    The ultimate goal is to help young people save money.  By discussing the many future financial needs and events that lie ahead, longer life expectancy, and how funding our future is increasingly our individual responsibilities, we create a sense of urgency over the NEED to save.


    #2. Understanding why you should WANT to save…

    Helping people see the need is just the first step.  We then motivate people to WANT to save by showing them how money can grow through the miracle of compounding.


    #3. Avoid Excessive College Debt...

    Critically, you must be in a position to save.  We help young people get ahead of and avoid problems that prevent saving like excessive college debt.  This entails a deep discussion about choosing a career you are passionate about and selecting a college you can afford.  


    #4. Be Able to Get and Hold a Good Job...

    Being in position to save also means ensuring you are not underemployed and that you can adapt to the changing world around you.  We convey key insights on embracing change and constantly investing in yourself; beyond school and through all facets of your life.


    #5. Understanding HOW to Save & Build Wealth...

    Once you understand the need to save, have the personal desire to save, and you are in position to save (with minimal debt and a good job with growing income), it is time to know HOW to save.  We teach HOW to save with an emphasis on the mindset and daily lifestyle choices needed to succeed.


    Praise for Jeff Tyburski's Your Sherpa

    "As a society, one of the most important things we can do for our youth is provide the tools and inspiration to make smart choices.  When students own their economic success, our economy can flourish.  Tyburski has provided us a great tool, Your Sherpa, making difficult topics easy for parents to guide and engage youth in their futures!"


    Patricia Leva // Parent and President & CEO, Junior Achievement

    "As a college consultant for 16 years, I have personally witnessed the financial devastation occurring among families; manifesting in destructive college debt.  Your Sherpa is a terrific tool for parents and students to create strategies early on to prevent this 'financial opioid' from taking hold.  A GREAT addition to any family's library."


    Paul Celuch // Founder & CEO of College Assistance Plus

    "I’ve mentored high school students as a member of the National Academy Foundation’s Academy of Finance program. The common thread in today’s youth is a lack of foundational knowledge about savings and financial stewardship.  Financial literacy must start in the home, and start early!  Your Sherpa helps parents help children, plain and simple."


    Jeffrey Leyonmark // President of GA Leyonmark Insurance Inc.

    "I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for over 20 years. Working together on an investment team, his passion for doing what is right for clients shined through. I am confident he can convey his message because he demonstrated that for me when he revamped and ran our internal school for new analysts, promoting best practices and lessons learned."


    Ebrahim Busheri // Director of Investments, Manning & Napier

    "Process, process, process! Tyburski provides a great practitioner’s process for parental guidance on finance."


    Keith McCullough // Founder & CEO of Hedgeye

    "If I or my children had this book in high school, we would have made different life decisions. Fortunately, it is available for you. I use this book in my role as a high school counselor working with students who are weighing their college and career options. Easy to read and loaded with anecdotes, this book is a road map for better life outcomes."


    John Callard // High School Counselor

    About Author Jeff Tyburski

    Jeff Tyburski worked as an engineer, analyst, and portfolio manager for a combined 33 years.  He created and led an internal school to teach new analysts and is the president of a non-profit helping aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa.  The analyst in him identified the problems solved in the book. The engineer created the framework.  The teacher, mentor, and parent deliver the message.


    Learn More About Jeff



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    Easy to follow and accessible, Your Sherpa encourages parents and kids to talk about money and financial wellness and shows them how to navigate key financial decisions in their lives. Story-based lessons illustrate that financial literacy is not the tedious, academic subject many expect but rather a tool to achieve better life outcomes.     

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